Tips to having a successful website

As a web designer I’ve seen it all and I want to provide you with some tips that will help you to have a more successful website.

1. Clear & Easy Navigation

Your navigation should be easy for your customers to use. If they can’t find what they are looking for, most often they will leave and find what they are looking for elsewhere. Why do you think menus tend to look the same? Because they are effective and they work. It shouldn’t take more than a few clicks for your customer to get where they want to go. Make it clear, make is easy, make it simple.

2. Catchy Headline

When a new customer comes to your page, will they know what you do or what you are selling or how you are different? The first statement that a customer will see first when they come to your website is very important. Be strategic about what you say here. Think about what your goal is for when a customer comes to your site.

3. Always lead customers somewhere on your page

You never want to have a dead end on your page. Always have a call to action that leads your customer to another page on your website unless it makes sense that their isn’t one, for example when you share reviews, there usually doesn’t need to be a call to action after a review. You want your customers to stay on your website as long as possible. Having a clear and easy flow to your website will help with this.

4. Freebies, Blog, Free Value

Okay, this is so important. If you can, have some sort of freebie that your ideal client will love. This could even be having free shipping if you are a product based business. If you are a service based business, use a freebie to provide A TON of value but also this helps you grow your email list. A blog can help establish credibility with your audience, especially if you are creating content that your customers will want to read and content that will help them. Always, Always provide free value to your customers in one way or another. Be generous to your customers and they will keep coming back!

5. Testimonials / Reviews

Always provide testimonials or reviews on your site. They are POWERFUL. Use screenshots from emails, texts, reviews on your facebook, instagram comments, google, and if you can get video testimonials and reviews, use them. There is just something about seeing someone talk about the product or service that really persuades people to buy from you. This helps you gain social proof and shows that other people are buying from you AND loving the product/service you are providing. I don’t know about you, but I always read the reviews before I buy something and they 1000% help me decided whether or not to purchase from or not.

6. You should have an email list

Yes, I 100% think you need to have an email list. There are so many ways you can use an email list, especially if you use Flodesk. Say you are launching new product soon, and customers can put in their email to get notified when this goes live. Well, you can give those customers who are on that email list, early access. This will entice people to put in their email because you are providing them something in return, early access to your launch. Another great thing about Flodesk, is that, you can have multiple different forms and popups on your website that will automatically be put in separate folders based on what form they fill out. So, when you go in Flodesk, everything is organized for you.

7. Your website isn’t about you

This is a big one, and a lot of people don’t realize this but your website isn’t about you. Always be thinking about your ideal customers. Think about who you are wanting to attract, what do they want to see, what do they need or want, and how can you make it easier for them to buy your product or service. Basically, always be thinking about your customers when designing your website. Think, is this going to be easy for my customers to navigate, will they buy what I am selling, do they know what I am selling, etc.

8. Brand Photography

Lastly, brand photography and I highly suggest hiring a professional. They know what they are doing, they know what kind of shots to take, they will help pose you, they will help with photo ideas, etc. Brand photography that is on brand and that is cohesive with your overall feel and vibe will help your website not only look better but will help to look more professional.


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